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Last Updated: Jul 26, 2009

10.00 (excellent) First off, I am a huge Kuroshitsuji fan!
Mainly because Ciel and Sebastian are such awesome characters and have such great chemistry. But also because of the fabulous artwork and it's Victorian setting (such amazing fashions!). And, despite the fact that I don't usally like series that are too dark, I fell in love with Kuroshitsuji's wonderfull balance of wry humor and psychological drama.
Of course, the anime does change the story, adds new characters, and can only cover so much while bringing everything to an end in only 24 episodes (too short T_T). But hey, if you want more detail, read the manga. I almost always prefer the manga to the anime version of a series, and with this one I think that's true as well. But they're both great and the anime holds it's own in terms of having a compelling and interesting story line.
Overall, I think it's a superb series and totally recomend it. ^_^

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